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Our Mission

Bay State Property Management has been providing complete property management services for residential and commercial property owners since 2005. With a territory that extends from Greater Boston throughout the South Shore of Massachusetts, Bay State Property Management works with Homeowners’ Associations, building owners, landlords and developers to deliver seamless management at their facilities. 

Whether your facility is a commercial office park or a condominium complex, we are your trusted resource. “Your property is our priority” is not just our tagline. It is our guiding principle. We handle the small, and the not-so-small day to day details that go with operating commercial, office and residential communities. We specialize in site management, administrative and professional services with a team approach that is your assurance of the highest levels of service and support. 

Bay State Property Management retains a strong network of service providers, ranging from accountants for an organization’s financial statements to tradespeople including plumbers, electricians, contractors, snow plowers, HVAC experts, and more. Our Bay State team of professionals ready at a minute’s notice to meet your building’s needs. 

We are both reactive, and proactive. When a client needs something, it is our priority to address that need in a timely and professional manner. We also look forward for our clients, and conduct thorough annual reviews of maintenance costs and projected expenditures needed to keep properties in the best condition. Our comprehensive, timely financial reports allow our clients to make accurate decisions regarding the property’s long term expenditures. 

We help our clients meet their present needs and plan for their future. Bay State Property Management is more than a vendor; we are your partner. 

We greatly value the relationships we build with our clients. If you are looking for a property management partner who will make your property a top priority, please give us a call!

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